• Présentation et objectifs
  • Introduction
  • Something went wrong with the economic growth and the increasing GDP...
  • I - How can the environment become an object of public action?
  • A. The diversity of actors involved in the construction of environmental issues as a public problem

  • B. Cooperation and conflicts between actors

  • C. Public action at different scales (local, national, European, global): the example of biodiversity

  • II - Climate change: what instruments for environmental public action?

  • A. Regulation, an instrument for constraint
  • B. Taxation and subsidies, instruments to encourage
  • C. Emissions trading, an instrument to negotiate
  • Eventually
  • III - Climate change: is international public action for the environment possible?

  • A. Common goods requiring international management
  • B. Constraints on international public action for the environment
  • Vocabulary
  • Bilan du module

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